BCCI Decided to Cancel India New Zealand Series

By | October 4, 2016

BCCI to Cancel India New Zealand Series:  Reacting to Justice RM Lodha committee’s direction to banks to freeze its accounts, BCCI decided to call off New Zealand India Series. The 2 test matches of the series have been completed and it still has a Test and five ODI matches remaining. As per reports of BCCI India Vs New Zealand Series Cancelled and NZ have to go back home.

A senior board official told “the board was forced to cancel ongoing India Vs NZ Series because its hands are tied. We didn’t have other option to cancel India New Zealand Series as banks freeze BCCI accounts. We don’t want to be embarrassed in front of the world. How can we function, How can we hold any games now? Who will make payment? Freezing a bank account is not a joke. An international cricket team is already here and there is so much at stake.”

BCCI to Cancel ongoing India Vs New Zealand Series

BCCI Decided to Cancel India New Zealand Series

BCCI decided to cancel India Vs New Zealand Series on the day the Lodha panel wrote a letter to banks to freeze BCCI funds. The letter stated “It has come to the notice of this committee that decisions have been taken at ‘Emergent working Committee’ meeting of the BCCI on September 30th, 2016 to disburse large funds to the various member associations.”

It further stated “As the report is to be taken up for the directions by the Honorable Court on 06.10.2016, Thursday, you are hereby directed not to take any steps towards financial disbursement of the amounts as approved after the direction dated 31.08.2016. Any violation of this direction will be placed before Honorable Supreme Court for appropriate directions.”

There were the names of BCCI secretary Ajay Shirke, CEO Rahul Johri and Treasurer Anirudh Choudhary in letter. The committee said “You are aware that by way of this committee’s direction dated 31.08.2016, no further decisions were to be taken regarding the further apart from routine matters. The disbursement of these amounts are not routine, and in any case, not emergent.”

BCCI decided to cancel India New Zealand Series, which is sad news for cricket lovers. Please comment, what you think on this matter? Stay Connected, Stay Updated