Superstar Shah Rukh Khan Brand Ambassador of Apple India

By | June 3, 2016

Brand Ambassador of Apple India: Apple CEO Tim Cook was in India on a business visit. He tried to know the reasons of decline in iPhone sales for the first time in the 1st quarter of 2016. Apple’s sales revenue from international market is nearly 60%. A third of it is constituted by China. But China has started freezing iPhone. Tim Cook’s visit to India was seen as a step to capture the untapped Indian market. Apple only has a 2% market share in terms of sales in India. To revive the sales in India and to increase the popularity of Apple as a brand in India, it is rumored that Apple is to approach King Khan, Shah Rukh Khan to become Apple’s brand ambassador in India.

Apple India Brand Ambassador Shah Rukh Khan’s Dinner Party for Tim Cook

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan Brand Ambassador of Apple India

Shah Rukh Khan hosted a special dinner party for Tim Cook while he was in India. Several A-listers including the Bachchan family attended the event organized in Shah Rukh’s residence (Mannat). Shah Rukh Khan is known to have a good business sense and pleasing personality, so it’s not beyond doubt that this dinner was more than just a cultural welcoming. It is still not clear that whether the decision to appoint Shah Rukh as Apple India’s brand Ambassador was taken before the diner or after it.

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Apple’s New Strategy for India

Tim Cook admitted that India needs to be rethought strategically. According to sources the public announcement of Apple India Brand Ambassador Shah Rukh Khan will be made after the launch of next iPhones series in India which is scheduled later this year. SRK and Apple collaborated earlier to for the exclusive writes of SRK’s Dilwale Movie Songs to revive its struggling music store. Apple also made a special playlist of top songs of Shah Rukh Khan Movies and albums. To promote Apple TV and Apple music, Apple is thinking of partnering with Bollywood production houses for content collaboration. In coming times we might see Shah Rukh launched as the face of iPhone 7 in India.

Brand Ambassador of Apple India, Face of iPhone 7

Shah Rukh Khan now joins the league of Brazilian football star Neymar and Basketball sensation Stephen Curry. Neymar and Curry are Apple’s brand ambassador in U.S.A. Apple will be hoping to have a similar impact in India with Shah Rukh Khan. The potential endorsement of Shah Rukh Khan might cost Apple a little fortune but it’s not of any doubt that the subsequent impact would be huge and at par.

Apple India Brand Ambassador Shah Rukh Khan’s Dinner Party for Tim Cook

The high cost of iPhone prevents the Apple from growing its market in India. Apple might see this as an opportunity to start producing in India by joining the ‘Make In India’ campaign. Let’s see when Apple publicly declares Shah Rukh Khan Brand ambassador of Apple India. Whenever they do it is assumed to profit them. It will also increase the already popular Shah Rukh’s celebrity status globally. For more news and updates on Apple India’s brand ambassador Shah Rukh Khan, keep following us.