SRK Detained at Loss Angeles Airport, US Ambassador Appologies

By | August 12, 2016

SRK Detained at Loss Angeles Airport: Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan detained at US airport by US Immigration Department on Thursday evening. The actor was detained for questioning and it was third time that he was detained at US airport. Recently SRK tweeted and told about his frustration to his fans. He tweeted “I understand and respect security with the way the world is, but to be detained at US immigration every time really sucks.”

After that SRK tweeted “caught some pokemons” while waiting. After his tweet US ambassador apologises Shahrukh for Detention through tweet and the actor tweeted thanx in reply.

US Appologies after SRK Detained at Loss Angeles Airport

SRK Detained at Loss Angles Airport, US Ambassador Appologies

The United States Ambassador to India, Richard Verma tweeted on Friday to actor and apologized for the inconvenience. He tweeted “Sorry for the trouble at Loss Angeles airport, we are working to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. Your work inspired millions including in the US. In reply the actor said thanx and he didn’t mind following protocol but called detention inconvenient.

After some time a State Department official Nisha Biswal also appologised to Shahrukh khan though twitter. She tweeted “Sorry for the hassle” but pointing out that US diplomat also faced these situations. In reply Sharukh replied in a gentle way “No Hassle ma’am Respect the protocol, not expecting to be above it. Appreciate your graciousness, it’s just incontinent.

It was not the first time that Shahrukh khan Detained by US Immigration. He was detained at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey for 2 hours in 2009. On that time he travelled to America to publicise his movie My Name is Khan.

After that SRK was detained in 2012 at Westchester Country airport. On that time he travelled in a private plane with Mukesh Ambani’s wife Nita Ambani. At that time SRK was there to give a lecture at Yele University. Then he said at Yele University “Whenever I start feeling arrogant, I always take a trip to America. Then Immigration guys kick the star out of stardom.”

Now after 2012, Shahrukh Khan again Detained by US Immigration at US Airport. Then after US ambassador apologises Shahrukh for Detention for incipience he went through.